Gender Budgeting – What’s that?

Gender Budgeting is part of Gender Mainstreaming strategies which aim at unveiling gender aspects and gender realities in all kinds of policies and measures. Gender Budgeting is a tool by which women and men be considered equally when allocating budgets and determining taxes, i.e. when desiging parcs, buildings, etc.

In fact, Gender Budgeting is not as dull a subject as it might seem at first glance. This Video of the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions shows that it deals with important questions of everyday life.

Further FAQ:

Gender Budgeting – Do we have to do that? Can we? May we? Should we? What do legal stipulations tell us about Gender Budgeting??

Gender Budgeting – Just another trend? How has it developed?

Gender Budgeting – How does it work?

Gender Budgeting – Who is practising it?

Gender Budgeting – What does all that terminology mean?