“Engendering Environment. Gender Mainstreaming und Gender Impact Assessment in Environmental and Health Protection”

Conference of the Gender Equality Officer of the German Federal Environment Agency

Gender mainstreaming and its instruments, including gender impact assessment, can look back upon over 20 years of history. The conference was devoted to encouraging international exchange of experiences with gender mainstreaming implementation in research as well as in the practice of public administration.  The conference considered gender as a value-added and provided a forum for discussing the prerequisite for gender impact assessments: What kind of gendered knowledge is necessary for conducting excellent research on environmental issues and environmental health? What forms of innovative policy advice will help utilize the gender perspective for the benefit of all (female and male) citizens? Since its auspicious beginnings, how has the strategy of gender mainstreaming played out for public administration, academic scientific research, research institutions, and civic society in the realm of environmentalism? What should the future hold for German gender mainstreaming and gender impact assessment in the context of a European regulatory framework and current international research results pertaining to environment and health research? And – how can the individuals parties involved contribute?

In her speech ” Gender mainstreaming in Austria – a success story?”, Dr. Vera Jauk, Gender Budgeting Expert of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health and Women’s Affairs discussed the legal framework with which gender equality could be enhanced.

Flyer Engendering Environment

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