The Austrian Way Towards Embracing Gender and Diversity in Education

Doris Guggenberger’s “Der lange Weg. Von der Mädchenbildung zu Gender und Diversität“ (2017) sheds light on federal gender mainstreaming policies in the field of education, pointing to federal resolutions, laws, and meeting protocols and addresses questions such as: When, how and in which context has the Austrian gender mainstreaming strategy been developed? What has shaped and influenced it? Who were the main drivers? … 

In her introduction, the author points to the very beginning of gender mainstreaming in the 1960s. The second chapter is dedicated to gender equality and awareness-raising in the 1970s while the third chapter deals with its institutionalisation and differentiation as of the 1980s and the new millennium.  Furthermore, she describes how the federal gender budgeting strategy came into being and has developed ever since, emphasising the role of the competent department in the Division for Women and Equality and the Inter-Ministerial Working Group Gender Mainstreaming/Gender Budgeting (pp 370ff).

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