Report on Outcome-Oriented Impact Assessments 2016

31/05/2017: This day marked the date when the fourth report on the impact-oriented impact assessment (WFA Bericht) was submitted to the National Council . The report is a summary of the results of the internal evaluations carried out by the ministries and other supreme organs. It is compiled by the Federal Performance Management Office, which is part of the Federal Chancellery. The report includes evaluations of 54 projects, which were carried out by the respective budgetary bodies.* The following 5 projects were deemed to have had a significant impact on the dimension of “Equality of women and men”:

  • Non-profit temp agencies 2015 (»JobTransFair«, »it­works« and »Trendwerk«) (Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection)
  • Labour Market Service Styria Centres for education and training (ZAM) – Budget 2015 (Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection)
  • Amendmend of the Federal Act for family benefits (Federal Ministry of Family and Youth)
  • Procurement of vaccination for the public child vaccination policy (Federal Ministry of Health and Women’s Affairs)
  • Innovation check plus (EUR 10,000) 2015 and 2016 (Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy)

They afflicted the sudimensions “direct services to natural or legal persons or companies”, “physical and mental well-being” and “other important effects”

The entire report is available at the website of the federal administration and

* Please note that in 2015 an impact-oriented assessment light was introduced. Out of 420 measures, 270 were deemed to require a light assessment only.

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